Welcome to Terphaus!♥️

I'm so happy to have you here!

Let me tell you a little bit about me. Have a seat.

I am most importantly a mom and wife and I am crazy about my family. I am a maker (give me a DIY project and I am one happy girl!), photographer, dance party instigator, gin drinker, party thrower and traveler. I love to cook and mix up a good cocktail and if I'm sharing it with friends and family, even better! I love to laugh and hang out with my family and friends, for those things give me energy and fill my heart and soul. I am an extrovert for sure but also love me some alone time to reflect and regroup. 

I LOVE inspiration. And I am passionate about leaving people better than when I first come in contact with them.
I also deeply care about how you see yourself. I care about you and your journey through life. I want to nurture and inspire the human spirit, one design at a time through positive self expression.
Your life. You get one shot at it. Live it to the fullest with the things that feel good. Live it with purpose. So that it envelopes you in warmth and comfort and allows you to spread the goodness to all those who enter your path. Let's do it together.
You're welcomed here. Always.
I’m Tosha. I am color obsessed. A people lover. A serial hugger. The dance party instigator. A creative. A celebrator. And a maker. Let’s be friends!♥️